University Senate IIT Committee
Thurs 30 Oct 2008 10am - SS 2601

0. Our committee members -
CAL Tsou, Ming-Hsiang;  
Business Shin, Bonsik;  
Education Hoffman, Robert;  
Engineering Impelluso, Tom;  
Health and Human Services Min, Jong Won;  
Imperial Valley Campus Fajardo, Javier; 
Library Jeffery, Keven; 
PSFA Burkett, Richard;   (Matt Hebert)
Sciences Stewart, Kris;  
Staff, Lisa Heizer; 
ITS Frazee, James;  
Acad Affairs, Ross, John; 
CIO, Pickett, Rich; 
IT Sec Office Denune, John/ Vlahos, Felecia; 
IT Managers, Carter, Kevin;
AS representative Nicholas Turner
Please be prompt, we must finish in time for some committee members to get to 11am obligations.

1. Second Meeting Fall 08 - Summary from Spring 2008
Matt Hebert subs for Richard Burkett Th anks Matt! and welcome.
We also welcome our AS student member (Nicholas Turner). He was only appointed Wednesday, so not sure if he can be with us.
2. Academic Affairs view of Summer 2008 Campus Computer Security Audit
John Ross will share how he worked with each College Associate Dean. Campus visited by CSU auditors to inspect our campus computer systems and ensure their capabilities with respect to the campus IT Security Plan Please ask about your individual college.
3. Campus Information Security Plan has had its annual update
Felecia Vlahos will present brief overview on the update of the campus information security plan. Stewart and Ross attended the sessions.
4. ATI (Accessible Technology Initiative)
CSU workshop and SDSU baseline - CSU offerred workshops and Stewart attended the Friday sesssion at CSU San Marcos for a good update from our campus efforts from Cyndi Chie, Enrollment Services.
5. Issues from your part of campus?

6. Technology Changes and Higher Ed
I would like to share this update on technology and the classroom. Roger Whitney sent as response to my sharing the you-tube video last spring on the large lecture hall. Has 3 articles by PBS's Robert X. Cringley.
7. Next meeting - Thurs 20 November 2008 ** 10am ** where?
8. Please join me to view a Surf Film on Vietnam war 2pm today (GMCS405) & save a Happy Halloween!

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