University Senate IIT Committee
Thurs 25 Sept 2008 - AH1120 - update afterwards

0. Our committee members - CAL Tsou, Ming-Hsiang; Business Shin, Bonsik; Education Hoffman, Robert; Engineering Impelluso, Tom; Health and Human Services Min, Jong Won; Imperial Valley Campus Fajardo, Javier; Library Jeffery, Keven; PSFA Burkett, Richard; Sciences Stewart, Kris; Staff, Lisa Heizer; ITS Frazee, James; Acad Affairs, Ross, John; CIO, Pickett, Rich; IT Sec Office Denune, John/ Vlahos, Felecia; IT Managers, Carter, Kevin;

1. First Meeting Fall 08 - Summary from Spring 2008
Our committee's policies were adopted by the University Senate Senate Agenda 06May08 IIT is item 7.3
Policy File - p. 22 (Hybrid course); p. 27 (Universal Access to IT, 3.4, 4.13c) and p. 37 Universal Access to IT Resources and Services.

2. Summer 2008 Campus Computer Security Audit
This past summer the campus was visited by CSU auditors to inspect our campus computer systems and ensure their capabilities with respect to the campus IT Security Plan
Felecia Vlahos handout of the "Findings" of the Security Audit was distributed. Note: this was a hard copy with the statement at the top "Confidential Document - for Information Only" giving the 12 items that were the "preliminary findings" of the CSU Audit Team, with their contact information.

3. ATI (Accessible Technology Initiative)
ATI audit Fall2008 [link has agenda for CSU workshop and SDSU baseline]
The CSU is offerring workshops and Stewart will attend the Friday sesssion at CSU San Marcos.

4. ITS update from James Frazee
Provost Marlin has authorized funds to hire a staff person at ITS to assist faculty with their instructionsl materials that must be made accessible.

5. Next meeting - Thurs 30October2008 ** 10am ** where?

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