SDSU University Senate IT Committee
Third Meeting 01Dec05 2pm
SSW 2601

Anything new to report on your side of campus?

Tuesday 29Nov05, Kris Stewart, John Ross and Cyndi Chie had a "time certain" with the University Senate Executive Committee meeting, Agenda. We summarized our draft document, with rationale, new name, new charge and new, expanded, membership for the SEC.

We were asked about why the IACC committee was not listed and other related details. It was suggested that the wording on membership be more specific that original "representative from". The Chair considered whether this needed to be delay to the January Senate meeting to ensure "Constitution and Bylaws Committee" would have the opportunity to "vet" the wording and details, but this was resolved by Bob Cademy, Secretary of the Senate, that he would help with wording. Cyndi Chie made a strong statement on the urgency of this effort going forward due to upcoming mandates that would be coming from the Chancellors Office.

Policy File - First Reading [doc] Policy File - First Reading [web]


Your thoughts on the content of the memo for Senate 13Dec05

Your thoughts on getting the word out, if the Senate does not have strenuous objections at the first reading?


DATE:	December 13, 2005

TO:	San Diego State University Senate

FROM:	Kris Stewart, Chair
	Instructional Technology Committee

SUBJECT:Change to Policy File  First Reading

University Senate Standing Committee on Instructional Technology proposes a 
change in name, charge, and membership to:

Instructional and Information Technology Committee

1.0	Membership (15): nine faculty, one from each college, the Imperial 
Valley Campus and the Library; one staff member; one student; Director of 
Instructional Technology Services or Designee; Academic Affairs Information 
Technology Coordinator or Designee; Information Technology Security Office 
Designee appointed by the Associate Vice President of Financial Operations; 
Member of the Information Technology Managers Committee selected by the 
Information Technology Managers Committee.
2.0	Functions

2.1	The Committee shall advise the administration and the Senate on 
instructional and information technologies.

2.2	The Committee shall assist the Directors of Instructional Technology 
Services, the Library, the Academic Affairs Information Technology Coordinator, 
and other campus Instructional / Information Technology offices, with 
developing long-range master plans and shall review and make recommendations 
on the mission and services of ITS, the Library and Academic Affairs on 
instructional and information technologies.

2.3	The Committee shall consider any matter referred by the Senate or by 
the administration of the University (and may consider, at its own discretion, 
other matters relating to instructional and information technologies at the 
campus and CSU system-wide levels.) The committee shall review and provide 
feedback on campus information technology initiatives as related to instruction, 
research and operational needs.


Since 1993, the beginning of Mosaic web browser, there has been a dramatic 
expansion of the use of the Internet.  This has led to wide-spread use of 
networked technologies, even to having the San Diego City Bus System display 
a URL on their buses.  With this widespread usage over the past decade, has 
come increased performance and capability.  Also, increased responsibility 
for each network user.

The University has recognized this responsibility with the creation of the 
Information Technology Security Office (ITSO), a campus-wide responsibility. 
Additionally, Academic Affairs has hired an Information Technology Officer.

The University Senate has no standing committee to look into issues of 
Information Technology and with the growing dependence of the university 
on computer-assisted/enhanced mechanisms for communication, collaboration, 
research and instruction, we feel the current committee [Instructional 
Technology (IT)] is best suited to expand its responsibility to the Senate 
to examine these issues. Please note that in recent years, the Senate has 
asked the Instructional Technology committee to look into the appropriate 
student email policy, 
the computer security document
as well as the Technology infrastructure upgrade.


Original Policy File language follows:

Instructional Technology Committee

1.0	Membership (13): nine faculty, one from each college, the Imperial 
Valley Campus, and the Library; one staff member, Director of Instructional 
Technology Services, Director of the Office of Distributed Learning, one 

2.0	Functions

2.1	The Committee shall advise the Director of Instructional Technology 
Services (ITS), the Director of the Distributed Learning Office (ODL), the 
university administration, and the Senate regarding the following: (a) use of 
instructional technologies to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency
of teaching and learning in the campus community; and (b) means for enhancing 
faculty understanding and use of instructional technologies in support of 
teaching and learning.

2.2	The Committee shall assist the Directors of ITS and ODL in developing 
a long-range master plan and shall recommend regarding the mission and services 
of ITS and ODL and regarding SDSU and CSU instructional development and