TO: The San Diego State University community
FROM: Bill Eadie, Chair, University Senate
RE: Invitation to a Forum on the University's Strategic Plan

On behalf of the University Senate, I would like to invite any
interested member of the SDSU community to attend an open forum on the
university's strategic plan. The forum will be held in conjunction with
the February 5 University Senate meeting in AL 101. The Senate meeting
will convene at 2 p.m., and the forum will start as soon as the Senate
has concluded its business or 3 p.m., whichever comes first.

During the fall semester, working groups and task forces consisting of
faculty, staff, students, alumni, administrators and community members
have been meeting to gather information and ideas and make suggestions
for strategic priorities for SDSU to implement in the next two-five
years. Working groups reported to one of five task forces:

- Student Success and Academic Excellence
- Research and Creative Endeavors
- Community Engagement (inclusive of Campus Climate, K-12 partnerships, Alumni Engagement and Economic Development)
- Diversity
- Internationalization

Final versions of the task force reports will be posted on February 1 to
the strategic plan website:
Strategic plan website

A summary of the task force reports will be included in the Senate
agenda, which is posted at:
Senate Agenda

The forum will begin with a brief summary of each task force's
recommendations, provided by one of the Senate representatives to that
task force. We will then take comments and questions until approximately
4 p.m. The comments will be used by the strategic plan steering
committee as it winnows the task force reports further to form a set of
campus priorities.