To: Senate Executive Committee

From: Kris Stewart, Chair Instructional and Information Technology Committee

Date: 04 Sept 07


Re:  Annual Summary for IIT Committee 2006/2007


The Information and Instruction Technology (IIT) Committee has representation from   

Kris Stewart, Sciences, Chair;  Bongsik Shin, Business / Tyler Clay alternate;  Cyndi Chie, Staff ; Tom Impelluso, Engineering; Bob Hoffman, Education;  Jong Won Min, Health and Human Services; Ellie Dworak, Library;  Richard Burkett, PSFA ;  Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, CAL ;  Javier Fajardo, IVC ;  James Frazee, Director of ITS(Instructional Technology Services);  John Ross, Academic Affairs Information Technology Coordinator;  John Denune/Felecia Vlahos/Information Technology Security Office (ITSO);  Kevin Carter, appointed member of campus Information Tech Managers Group; Associated Students Rep - Andrew Fishman; Additional Committee Member request Rich Pickett (CIO of campus)


Charge: Instructional and Information Technology The Committee shall advise the administration and the Senate on instructional and information technologies.The Committee shall assist the Directors of Instructional Technology Services, the Library, the Academic Affairs Information Technology Coordinator, and other campus Instructional / Information Technology offices, with developing long-range master plans and shall review and make recommendations on the mission and services of ITS, the Library and Academic Affairs on instructional and information technologies. The Committee shall consider any matter referred by the Senate or by the administration of the University (and may consider, at its own discretion, other matters relating to instructional and information technologies at the campus and CSU system-wide levels.) The committee shall review and provide feedback on campus information technology initiatives as related to instruction, research and operational needs.


26Oct 06 Committee met and received an update from committee member John Denune (TISO0 on the Chancellors Office Firewall Plan for the 23 campus.  Stewart presented an update from Academic Affairs of the Server Responsibilities for network traffic.

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30 Nov 06 Committee discussed the CSU Chancellor Office Coded Memo AA-2006-41 on Access to Electronic and Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities  which is available online from/

Committee was informed by Scott Burns that campus hired a new Senior Director of Information Technology, Dr. Rich Pickett, with a starting date 01Dec06.

Committee discussed the upcoming Firewall Update and members asked to work with their college IT support staff to ensure any required “pinhole” exception be forwarded to John Ross.

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08Feb07 Committee discussed  the upcoming Firewall Update, do occur on Valentines Day 14Feb07.   More information was available at  The Committee review the presentationi by Rich Pickett and Bonn ie Zimmerman to the SEC in January 07.  PPT slides available.  The committee reviewed the email from Rich Pickett announcing that the firewall would be turned on 14Feb07.  The committee reviewed the process to make further updates, as presented to the IACC  14 Dec 06.

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06March07 – Committee met in AH11120 and was presented with an update on Instructional Technology Services (ITS) from James Frazee / Jim Julius.  It appears that the Valentines Day Firewall Update went in without too much trouble.  The committee reviewed the statement from the IACC meeting (14Dec06) on how new changes to the firewall should be process.

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11April07 – Committee met to received an update from Rich Pickett on Accessibility referring to the IBM site, referenced in the committee meeting notes.   The committee had an action item to have Rich Pickett officially join the IITC, passed unanimously. We discussed who would be chair for the following academic year.  The only nominee was Kris Stewart, which was approved by voice vote.

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21April07 Stewart requested the University Senate add a new committee member, Dr. Rich Pickett.  This item was presented to the University Senate Executive Committee on 26April07 as an Information Item.

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02May07 – Committee final meeting.  Members  reviewed the memo to be presented to the University Senate on 08May07 requesting the addition of Rich Pickett to the IIT Committee.  There was general concern expressed by committee members that the ATI (Accessible Technology Initiative,  has not received the financial support to make it effective.

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The IIT Committee will have their first meeting for Fall 07 on Thursday, 06Sept07 2pm.  Location expected to be in Love Library (As John Ross works to find a room)