26Jan06 - First Meeting Senate IIT Committee - la073

Congratulations on being a member of the new University Senate Instructional & Information Technology Committee (IIT), adopted by the University Senate on 13Dec05, authorized by President Weber 06Jan06 and now part of the Policy File Updates for 2005-2006.
Lets introduce the members:

Calendar - Can we find a convenient time for next month's meeting? Where?

John Ross will make a short presentation on Identity Management today and is requesting our feedback.

Letter to Deans and Department Chairs informing them of our new campus policy and of the charge of the IIT committee.
Stewart would like to send a short, simple letter to the Dean of each College and to the Chair of the home department of each committee member, formally informing them of the Campus Policy Change. Please help by identifying the name/title of your "home department". Please suggest additional names/titles for folks would should also be formally informed. We can include a copy of the SDSC 2006 Calendar, with lots of dramatic images of activities in High Performance Computing.

Bill Morris [College of Sciences Computer Help Desk] would like to mention campus discussions on the Firewall that is being discussed at NAC Security meetings. Requests our feedback.

Mary Ann Lyman-Hager wants to speak to the topic of Pod Cast in classrooms

Kevin Carter wants to bring the recent campus announcement of SANS trainining here at SDSU in Aug 06 for computer systems adminstrators and others.

Your thoughts?
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