MatsISLE : Material Science Interactive Simulated Laboratory Experience
NSF award DUE #0837162
Kris Stewart, Professor, Computer Science
San Diego State University

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This is a loose collection of resources that have been developed since the start of our collaboration in January 2009 when the National Science Foundation funded our proposal.

Updates from April 2013 due to Rishru M. & Megha S.
Grant references
ImpactTest [avi] TensileTest [wmv]

pptx presentation pdf FECS las vegas - final may2012 copy at conference web site

Megha Shaseendran (current game programmer, in charge of 3D Lattice Voyage) enters Microsoft's Imagine Cup
Sam Stokes joined the CS 583 course in Feb2012 to pitch the Imagine Cup
From feb2012_SDSU-sStokes-library40-ACM
Final Megha Shaseendran 2012 Imagine Cup Video 5 min movie of game play capture with Camtasia MeghaS_MyMovie.wmv
early version of 2012 Imagine Cup video entry MeghaS_ScrShots_LatticeVoyage.doc pdf
NSF_gamePlaySummary docx
Explore SDSU Open House - 17 March 2012
From March 17, 2012 Explore SDSU (in the rain)
Pictures from 3 CS labs
Current screen captures of the 3 labs
A recent collection of screen captures from the 3d Lattice Voyage by
Megha Shaseendran screen caps pdf docx

These are fairly thorough screen captures of game play

Earlier materials from our project
Abhishek Sood Thesis Defense - March 20, 2012
Abhi Sood thesis NEEV Engine - draft - defended 20March2012 Abhishek Sood and Thesis Announcement pic Thesis Def Announcement mp3 audioProf Morsi explaining project goals

modelSanity_13_aug.wmv 30sec video of NeevEngine viewing art for lab (use Windows Media Player)
05 March 2010 Mark Thompson,Jr. (right) and Abhishek Sood (left) at SRS2010
From SRS_SDSU_05March2010_Thompson_Sood
Student Research Symposium 2010 Poster Mark Thompson and Abhi Sood presented, Claudia Faulk design and produced the PDF

7May2010_TensileTests_LabLook_ReleaseWMV_MarkT.wmv WinVideoCapture of MarkT and early Tensile Test game [4 min video capture of Tensile Test Lab by Mark Thompson, Jr., 10may2010] GAME/video/index.html lots of video captured by Mark Thompson interviewing Materials Science students demonstrating the tools in Dr. Morsi's lab - ?back in 2007/2008?

Christina provided a detailed write up on how to save the 3D models in Maya
3D Pipeline - pdf doc

Early game prototype from Jeannette Ibarra from Cmap - never could get the original cmap file only this export to pdf
GAME/labA_text_edit02.pdf Mechanical Engineering Lab game-simulation - StartingPoint of project