Text Box: The EdCenter is working with two professors at Hoover High School in San Diego to create visualizations to assist in teaching scientific concepts to their 9-12th grade students.  
Text Box: Hal Cox is a Physics and Computer Applications teacher at Hoover High School.  He received his BSME from the University of Washington Seattle and an MS in Educational Administration from National University.  Hal has previously worked with the EdCenter’s director Dr. Kris Stewart through the STEP program— Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program— at the San Diego Super Computer Center
Text Box: Mr. Cox’s students are studying electromagnetism in their Physics class.  Historically, the students have a difficult time California State Physics Standard 5n.
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena—Students know the magnitude of the force on a moving particle (with charge q) in a magnetic field is qvB sin(a), where a is the angle between v and B (v and B are the magnitudes of vectors v and B, respectively), and students use the right-hand rule to find the direction of this force.
This concept again deals with forces that are invisible to the students, making the concept that much more difficult to comprehend.
Text Box: The EdCenter programmers are still developing the 3D environment for Mr. Cox’s simulation.  Thus far, the plan is to have a large magnetic through which students can project charged particles to see how they change directions according to the right-hand rule.