Douglas Adams is an amazing futurist.

I use the present tense, although Douglas died in 2001 of a heart attack at the age of 49, because his profound body of work continues to challenge the way we think and act in today's world of 2008 and beyond!
Kris Stewart, Professor Computer Science, SDSU

Here are a collection of useful web sites on Douglas that I find useful. Also a collection of youTube contributions from his fans, many featuring Douglas portraying himself.

Tribute to Douglas produced by Kevin Davies for Sci-Fi Channel, May 2001
Tribute to Douglas Noel Adams (DNA)
Dirk Gentley Radio Trailer (BBC)
BBC4 Dirk Gentley 26June08 6 part series 2 [first series broadcast October '07] Wiki Dirk Gentley
HHGTTG (read by Kaitko) Don't Panic
The Way to Home
Movie Trailer for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe 29April05
Electric Monk from Dirk Gentley
5th Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture
Douglas Adams with Pink Floyd
Origin of God
Growing up in the Universe
American Atheist Interview
Douglas with "towel" on shoulder BBC Doctor Who - Paris
Tribute to Douglas with reading from Salmon of Doubt