YesVideo is a service from CostCo that digitizes slides & VHS tapes

I have been used this service at lot - starting with the stacks of my father's color slides from childhood. Then, since there was no longer an effective way to play the slides for mom, Glen and set up a system of a slide projector checked out from SDSU and a screen in the living. Had music playing as the slides were projected and recorded it all on video tape - with a tape borrowed from SDSU creating a VHS tape. Mom had a VHS player.

More recently, I have taken all the Surf videos from Tom English that he gave Glen on VHS tape and had them digitized.

Now my sister Nancy is doing a similar task.

Dad's color slides from NAD Waikeli, played to music and captured on VHS
Scorpion Bay
Todos Santos / Debbie Calv [when i choose 2 videos the system generates 1 URL has images that seen to be both videos, but only 1 plays]