Glen and Kris Stewart Adventure in NZed 2014

Glen and Kris Stewart survived a "month in a box" in our rented camper-van visiting New Zealand, 12Jan-13Feb2014. We left 11:30p LAX (mistake for Kris who does not handled "evening" travel well) on 12Jan and arrived 14Jan around noon in Auckland. We flew Air Tahiti Nui. It was 8 hours LAX -> Papeete, Tahiti. Greeted by a nice serenade and dancer into the lobby. 2 hours in airport lobby. Then 5 hours to Auckland. I purchased my Vodaonfe wireless devices in the airport. We picked up our rental near the airport.

Google Map Please zoom in on New Zealand to see the details

Web Version of my trip log with many links
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Kris peeking out from Hobbit Hole, height500
Matamata, home of Hobbiton