GMCS 425 Computer Lab

GMCS 425 Computer Lab
Dr. Kris Stewart is the faculty sponsor of lab.

The Computer Science Department of SDSU now has a computer lab with 20 systems that are dual-boot, both Windows XPpro and Linux Suse. This includes an instructor computer with a projector. The two operating systems are configured on 2 separate hard drives in the individual systems. The College of Sciences Computing and Electronics Center (SCEC) administrers these systems and the department is grateful for their efforts. Their initial designed followed that used for the Math Department systems in GMCS 422 and 428, which has been successfully in operation for several years. The CS Dept employs work-study students as Lab Monitors to ensure the safety of the equipment. The lab is open Mon-Thur 11am-10am, Fri 10am-4pm and Sat 10am-4pm.

User Policies, Campus AUP, Account Request 02Oct07 (student must read policies and acknowledge them and then show their RedID to Lab Monitor prior to obtaining an account)
Lab Policies [txt], Lab Policies [doc], Lab Policies [htm]
Lab Hours(xls) (htm) 08October07)
Lab Monitors Hours [htm, 18sept07]
Lab Monitors Hours [xls]
You can schedule your own use of the lab using the online calendar system Calendar (must use IE - our lab is denoted GMCS 405 at the moment, please see kris stewart or amy stokes for the username/password), XWin32 set up (Thanks to Dr. Marie Roch) [from terminal session window, ssh -l yourlogin -X ?]
DxDiag SystemSpecs 02Oct07, 05Oct07

Linux: Linux side more memory would be good (thanks Andy L.) Cfengine is an automated suite of programs for configuring and maintaining Unix-like computers. It has been used on computing arrays of between 1 and 20,000 computers since 1993 by a wide range of organizations. Cfengine is supported by active research and was the first autonomic, hands-free management system for Unix-like operating systems. Cfengine is an autonomic maintenance system not merely a change management roll-out tool. Cfengine has a history of security and adaptability.

User files MUST be saved on their networked H: drive. Any file left on the Boot disk (C:) or ghost (G:) may be deleted.

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