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The Computer Science Teacher Association [292 pages, CSTA] supports the development of computer science in the middle- and high-schools in the United States. The Computer Science Equity Alliance has developed a complete curriculum that can be downloaded and used in schools. Exploring Computer Science [CS]
from this page:
The Exploring Computer Science (ECS) materials provide daily lesson plans and resources which support the teaching of six instructional units:
1) Human Computer Interaction
2) Problem Solving
3) Web Design
4) Introduction to Programming
5) Robotics; and
6) Computing Applications.

The curriculum adopts an inquiry-based learning model and each unit concludes with an in-depth project. The instructional materials have been developed for high school classrooms in Los Angeles Unified School District as an instruction tool for introducing students to the "computational thinking" of computer science. 

This resource is distributed by CSTA as part of its participation in the CSEA Teachers Are Key grant project. 

Download the Curriculum here (4.9 MB zip file) is one of the languages used. Once you download and install, you have learning documents.

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